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Voice Digital Home Assistant Installation

What's a digital Assistant and WHY?.....

  • Digital Assistants make everyday tasks simpler. From making your shopping list to ordering home goods, setting appointments and daily schedule reminders. 
  • You can stream music, news, and weather throughout the house with just one request making it great for gatherings. 
  • With one request you can control every single light, thermostat and monitoring system in your home automatically.

Older adults and loved ones can benefit the most from a digital home assistant and in some cases help save their life! Here are just some of the advantages.

  • If an older adult has fallen and can not reach their phone or alert bracelet, as long as they are in earshot of their digital assistant, emergency services or family can be called!!
  • Customers with memory issues can be reminded to take their daily medication or remember important dates and contacts automatically.
  • Adults with mobility or vision difficulties can turn lights and appliances on and off automatically without leaving their location.

Click below for AARP's reference to digital assistants and older adults.

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